Final audio and video transcripts

Spike is working as the manager at the RAC when a desk employee informs him that one of the treadmills has been reported broken. Spike examines the broken down treadmill    and discovers that there is a broken part that controls the treadmills movement. Spike heads upstairs to the Gym Genie where he uses the interactive touch screen to search the database for blueprints to the specific treadmill make and model. He selects the exact missing part and it is printed in seconds. He heads down to the treadmill and fixes it, solving the issue and having the treadmill working within minutes of it first being reported to him.

Jerome is a grad student at UMBC and  likes to workout in the weight room at the RAC. It’s usually very crowded and with his muscles he needs to lift very heavy amounts for his workout. However there aren’t enough weights around to equal what he needs, leaving him a few hundred pounds short.  So h e heads upstairs to the Gym Genie and selects the weights section from the interactive interface and prints out the few hundred pound weights he needs. He takes them back into the weight room where he does his full workout.


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